Android Q's beta 3 new full gesture navigation

So, I've been playing around with my Pixel 2 lately on the new Android Q beta.

The latest is Beta 3, and a new thing they've added in (there is a dark mode, yes ... but it lost that 'adaptive theme) is a 'fully gesture' navigation.

Meaning that we've gone from 3 buttons (back, home, multi), to just 2 (back, home... multi is a swipe up feature) to now no buttons.

With this it is now very similar to how the P30 Pro has it's gestures.

You no longer have any buttons... there's a tiny little sliver of a bar at the bottom to sort of remind you that it exists.

Home is accomplished by quickly swiping up from the bottom of the screen... that's it.  Do it quick.

Multi is accomplished by swiping up from the bottom and kinda just waiting for a second and you'll see the tiles for the running apps.

You can swipe up again to bring your app tray.

The interesting bit is to swipe from either the left or right side of the phone will act as back... either side (it's not like one is 'back', the other is 'forward').

It works well and it takes time to get used to it, trust me.

What's going to have to happen is that apps will have to rethink the left side menu slide out.  I love that, but not swiping in the right area could get you to go back and leave the app.

So, just use the hamburger menu button.

Outside of that, one thing I did notice is that if I was in an app, the multi works fine, but if I was on the homescreen, it's a little more of a deft  flick to bring up the multi card bit.  Again, just have to learn.