Roku's update brings new features (Guest Mode | Account Link)

Okay, as much as I like my Kodi, it's not exactly user friendly.  I also love my Nexus Player, but the delay in using the remote is HELLA annoying.  I keep going back to the Roku.

We have 2.

My father has one and is using it more and more.  My father-in-law now has one and is finding it's simplicity great.

It won't replace those 2 patriarchs' cable boxes, but more and more of us are ditching cable and looking to streaming services.

The most recent update for Roku OS 9.1 brings with it a couple of news - making it even better for everybody to adopt and use it.

First up is ideal for those that are renting out their place for AirBnB - a Guest Mode - where you can essentially allow a person with their own subscription services to log in and get access without messing up your own (imagine, some going in and watching movies on your Netflix account, messing up the algorithm for which shows it thinks you should watch?).

Next is automatic account linking, this is something we've seen in our phones for a while.  Log into another phone and it knows your login information for Facebook and Netflix.  So if you set up a new Roku device (and I'm really looking at a new TV and it  will have to have Roku built in) you'll just need to log into your Roku account and all the channels and subscription services will follow you around.  So much time saved.

2 cool new updates plus bug fixes.  Cool TV gets cooler.


Two new features coming to your Roku player or TV!

Today we announced Roku OS 9.1, making the streaming experience even simpler and more enjoyable. Roku OS 9.1 is expected to roll out to current generation Roku streaming players over the coming weeks, Roku TVs are expected to follow by early summer. Besides various performance improvements and fixes we also introduce two new features in Canada:

Guest Mode
This feature is perfect for your next house swap or for short term rentals. When enabled on a Roku streaming player or Roku TV, Guest Mode enables visiting guests to sign in to subscription channels using their own account credentials. Guests can specify a date on which their credentials will be automatically removed from the Roku device. To enable Guest Mode, go to Settings > System > Guest Mode.

Guest Mode can also be switched on and off remotely from the My account page on On users can also remotely sign a guest out if the guest left early or accidentally selected the incorrect sign-out date.

Automatic Account Link
Makes subscription streaming on multiple Roku devices with the same account easier for users. If a customer has already logged in to a supported subscription service on a Roku device, they will not be required to re-enter their credentials when launching the same channel on an additional Roku device.

This feature is now available to developers and publishers to integrate into their channel. The first channels to support Automatic Account Link in Canada are fuboTV, CBS All Access and Plex. Additional channels are expected to integrate support for Automatic Account Link shortly.

Happy Streaming!