RBC adds 2 cool features to its mobile app

Apps for banking... the fin-tech world is constantly changing; and it's not easy for major institutions like major banks to make minor changes and pivot as easily as small entrepreneurs can, so when we see that there's 2 new cool features in RBC's mobile app, that's worth taking note of.

The first feature is to auto add bills via scanning.  We've been able to scan cheques to deposit, this works kinda in the similar vein - scan a bill (say your hydro or cellphone) and it'll pick up what bill it is and add it to the auto pay.

Secondly, you can now lock your debit card via the app.  So if you feel you lost your card at the restaurant, you can go into the app and lock it so nobody can use it should they try.

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Check out their press release below:


Mobile app firsts: Pay bills with a photo and debit card lock with a touch

TORONTO, April 12, 2019 – RBC is the first Canadian bank to introduce two new value-added features through the RBC Mobile app, making the everyday banking experience even better for clients. RBC customers can now add a new bill payee by taking a photo of their bill as well as lock and unlock their debit card right from their mobile phone.

“We’re doing more to deliver on our promise to innovate where it matters most and use technology that helps our clients in their everyday lives,” said Peter Tilton, Senior Vice President of Digital, RBC. “Mobile is now our primary digital channel and that’s in large part because we understand common pain points and work hard to create simple and convenient solutions to improve the banking experience, and make life’s to-do list a bit easier to manage.”

Scan and Add Your Bill More Easily
RBC personal and business clients can now easily add a new bill payee by taking a photo of their bill or uploading their e-bill. Leveraging RBC’s artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, this new feature uses the device’s camera to scan and interpret the salient features of a bill required to add a payee and complete the transaction successfully. This reduces the amount of time needed to set-up the initial payment and enhances the client experience.

Lock Your Debit Card Anytime
RBC clients no longer need to worry about misuse, or the hassle of replacing a lost debit card. Clients can now lock and unlock their debit cards in real time with a simple touch. While the debit card is locked, purchases and ATM transactions will be blocked while pre-authorized transactions and mobile wallet transactions are not interrupted. This feature is available for personal banking clients and builds on the success of credit card lock. Since its release last summer, hundreds of thousands of RBC clients have relied on credit card locks to give them piece of mind and control over their cards.

“As we continue to evolve our products and services, we are committed to getting to the heart of our clients’ needs and delivering solutions that are right for them.” said Sean Amato-Gauci, Executive Vice-President, Cards, Payments and Banking, RBC. “We focus on exceptional, convenient and secure experiences like the innovations we are announcing today.”  

The RBC Mobile app is available on iOS and Android.