Trying out Google Maps' virtual directions

Because I'm part of the Google Maps' Local Guide program I got to be able to try out their AR directions feature.  This was a while ago and it was confidential ... but they didn't stipulate that I couldn't share it out there or gave me a timeline, so I waited for  abit.

Also, you'll notice that there's snow on the ground - most of it is gone now.

Anyways, the idea here is that with Google Maps you can use your camera to help with a real time, AR style directions of where you have to go.

So, I had to run to get some lunch and, even though I know where my favourite little bakery is, I thought I'd try it out.

It works just as you'd imagine it would.  It had the maps as per normal.  Something I tend to do a lot when I'm walking downtown Toronto.

The added advantage is that if I want to, I can now just tilt the phone up and it automatically launches into AR mode and and see what then you see what the camera sees, but this time with an overlay of virtual arrows pointing the way.


I guess.  Maybe because I knew the way it was a little lost on me, but I also found the screen to be somewhat ... cramped.  Maybe if I had a wider angle lens, but it was hard to try to stand back and get bearings and see what the direction was pointing.

I just found it a little awkward and was easier to look down at the map.

Maybe if the view or streets were wider.  Hrmm...

It was interesting to say the least.