Square now has an app to let you schedule your business bookings

Okay, it's no big secret to many of you who follow me on here that my daily, 9-5'er is working with start-up businesses, small businesses etc... trying to find ways to help them out.

I always suggest to clients they need 3 friends.  Let's see if you can guess who the other 2 are.  One of them is a bank.  Some place to keep your money ... but also some mechanism by which you can get paid.  Square has always been a great option for many of my clients.  Lots of my coffee shop clients use it and it's very easy.  So it's an entity already well known to the businesses out there.

Another issue that some of my clients run into is the opportunity to build a booking system.  Just the other day we were trying to work out a system for a client (Google Calendar has an option but it's changed a few times here and there).

Well, it looks like the payment system they may already know now has an appointment system: Square Appointments.

And there's even an Android App too!

Just not available in Canada or so I'm seeing yet... It doesn't show in my Play Store listings in Canada, and the direct link to it from Square's American page brings you to the Play Store link but it says everything is incompatible.

Anywho... I think it might just be a clerical error (please be a clerical error) and we'll see it available in Canada soon enough.

Get it on Google Play