Google's got some Gaming up their sleevies - find out what it is March 19th

So the internet has been a buzz ... well, maybe a certain segment of the internet ... that Google has had some vision for gaming.

I remember getting the Nexus Player and was excited to buy the gaming remote have a bit of a gaming device again.  It never really materialized as a 'console' (limited memory, limited developers making use of it...).

I'm a Google guy, I don't want to spread myself too far from that ecosystem. 

Google sounds like they're potentially ready to 'dive in' as they have an announcement to make on March 19th @ 10AM PST (that's 1PM EST) about the 'future of gaming' at the Game Developers Conference.

Watching their teaser video, is it just a platform for viewers of eSports?  Or is it a platform for eSports (just lots of sounds of groups cheering going towards the 'main event' or something) - fits well with their tagline of 'gather around'.

You can watch their unveiling via Youtube (oh, please not another Youtube variant... )