Jurassic World Alive updates game in a big way

Okay, so this is the update I'd been waiting for some time.

Jurassic World Alive is one of those AR games where you play with your phone in the real world but interact on your screen.  It's fun and I've covered it in the past.

I like it ... my son likes to see the dinos and there's the continual pull to get more DNA so you can make a stronger hybrid.

One of the things that always confused me with the game was the mechanics of how your 'avatar' interacts with items in the game.

To 'hunt' a dino you fly a drone out and you have a wide area where your drone can reach and capture DNA.  So the dinosaur could be a block over but your drone can fly 150m and reach it.

Whereas the supply drops you have to physically get to.  At my office, there's a drop just on the kitty-corner to our building but it's far enough I can't 'reach it'.  Why couldn't I just send a drone to the drop to get the items it has?

The most recent update I guess decided that was worth finally acknowledging.

So the most recent update brings a couple things.  There's the Lunar New Year update for creatures from Asia, and some new challenges for your clans, but the biggest by far is enhanced drone usage.

Your drone can now be used to access supply drops, coin cases and even strike/challenge cubes.

Now, the further your drone has to go out to get something and come back the less of a reward it can offer you.

But, considering I could no supply drops from my building, I can now hit 6 in a go.  You can tell if something is still in range (if the light blue ring is hard to see) because the 'bulb' on top will glow.

The strike event/challenges don't suffer any sort of penalty for attacks/damage/rewards from what I can tell.  So bonus (it's the one area I would have said, yeah you have to be there to do the challenge ... how are you bringing your dinos to that area?)

The other update is that it brings new 'challenges' for your alliance.  Just like your daily challenges there's a series of  things your clan should do in order for you to 'level up'.

If you can, as a group, meet those requirements you can rank up and get more rewards.

And when you pass the milestone, you can see who is the biggest contributor to achieving it.  Little bit of status for ya.

Any way we can get some more earnings with the games as I'm finding it very hard to level anything up the higher you go.  Yeesh getting an Indoraptor is becoming a real labour.

If you haven't started playing it yet, I'd suggest giving it a try.  I'll even test ya out with a friendly challenge.

Get it on Google Play