Get your Pokemon Go crew to pose with Go Snapshot

So, Pokemon Go is updating soon to add a new feature that you can get your captured little monsters to pose for you.

The idea is that you can use the AR feature of your phone to place the little critter where you want in the virtual world.

Similar to how you can use AR to see where the Pokemon spawns and through the camera see them in the 'real world' the new update "GO Snapshot" will allow you to take one of your captured team pop out of their pokeball and let you snap a picture.

The update isn't out yet, but soon... what you do is go through your storage and pick a pokemon.

Then with the app see through your camera lens the real world and throw your pokeball and have the critter pop out where you want them (I think yelling out "PIKACHU, I CHOOSE YOU" is optional, but, hey, why not!).

Once they're in position you can then take a shot and they'd like to see your best using #GOsnapshot tag.


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