Fortnite updates to let us use controllers on mobile

Okay, this was an update that we had been waiting for a while.  My computer is super old and doesn't play Fortnite so well.  My son is limited to playing on devices (and his new Switch).

I like playing on devices - works for me.  But my son NEEDS to use a controller.  I prefer the mouse and keyboard (if I had to choose).

But, the 7.30 patch/update allows mobile devices now to connect with a controller to move your dude around the world.

Sweet ... I'm testing a couple of controllers out, and so far with the Matricom XYBA (review is coming) it works - however it's got issues, like several other mobile controllers out there, the Fortnite game isn't recognizing the D-Pad for input.

And, just like that, there's a patch.  It's working just like it should!

So, it works, and I'm still bad at it.

Which button mapping do you like to use?