Google's Pixel Sounds makes it easier to pick the right sound

Chalk this one up to the 'crud, forgot to mention this'.  Totally had forgotten Google had updated the sound picking feature on the Pixel phones to the new attractive picker akin to their wallpaper app.

Just got reminded when I recently updated my wife to the Pixel 3 and was setting up the device to customize it just for her.

It's hard to visually appeal for 'audio' (so no sample images for the thumbnails) - but like the Wallpaper picker they've separated them out by styles.

Way better than a super long list of names you're not sure what it might be.

The picker is available for sounds as well as ringtones.

Personally, I love to go through Zedge to download my own and then you'll see just those set up as 'my sounds' ... very handy.

Plus it's a little more visually appealing - the little 'wave' is animating as the sound plays.

Get it on Google Play