Google Fit devs have a bit of a sense of humour

So, I'm not the first to discover this... I saw it scrolling about the interwebz.  I didn't believe it myself and had to go look it up.

Sure enough... it's there.

We all know Google has a sense of humour.  Easter Eggs, April Fools jokes etc...

I was looking around for something for my son for Christmas and thinking that some sort of activity tracker would be good... but I wanted to make sure that whatever system I got would work with Google Fit.  That's when I found that someone else had found out Google Fit's sense of humour.

In Google Fit you can let your phone, or watch or whatever, do all the tracking for you and it'll tell you what it think you did (ran, walked, etc...).  But if you want to manually log an activity you can go into a screen where you pick an activity that you're doing.

They've really made it a long list, and I don't know WHEN they put it in, as I've never scrolled through them all, I usually just use the most commonly suggested activities...

...but if you scroll around, you'll find it ... let's see if you see it: