Pocket Casts updates to v7.0

Do you podcast?  I mean listen to them?  I've been told that I should.  I've tried, I just can't listen for a length of time.  For me listening is something that's background ... like music, or it's something I have to devote my attention to.  I just never get that much attentive time.  I was told while jogging is a good time, but I just need something to pump me up and remind me that I have to block out my will to stop running.

Point is, podcasts aren't for me... but I know LOTS of people who are obsessed with their shows.  It's the new 'TV' I guess.

So how do you listen to your podcasts?  Well, one app is updating itself for some enhanced experiences... check out the press release below.

So, it looks like there's going to be some new abilities for searching, by episode or discovery and a streamlined experience.  Maybe you'll enjoy them.

Do you use Pocket Casts?  If not, what app do you use?  Shoot me a suggestion for some podcasts to listen to in the comments.  I do like Hack the Entrepreneur, Under the Influence ... and a while back I used to like C'est la Vie...

--Press Release--

Pocket Casts Launches Major Overhaul of Android, iOS and Web Apps to Deliver More Premium Experience

Leading platform focused on making podcast listening easier than ever before

NEW YORK and ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA -- Nov. 14, 2018 -- Pocket Casts, the world’s most powerful podcast platform, today announced a major redesign that greatly improves the listening experience and reinforces the company’s commitment to serving the medium’s most passionate fans. The updates enable users to access their favorite podcasts seamlessly, with new tools at their disposal for discovery, curation, and playback, as well as an integration with Siri Shortcuts for iOS devices. Today’s announcement comes just months after Pocket Casts’ acquisition by the leading podcast publishers: NPR, WNYC Studios, WBEZ / This American Life, who are collectively responsible for more than 210 million podcast downloads per month.

“Podcasting fans are deeply engaged and passionate about their favorite shows,” said Owen Grover, CEO and an audio industry veteran. “They deserve a listening experience that’s easy to use, powerful and flexible. With this release, we’ve made it simpler than ever before to find great new shows and listen across a host of different platforms.”

Pocket Casts’ overhaul specifically includes the following enhancements:
  • Siri Shortcuts Integration - Use Apple’s smart assistant to launch your favorite shows
  • Improved Discovery - New human and algorithmic curation now delivers great recommendations on every platform and in every territory
  • Episode Search - Search within any podcast series to find a specific episode
  • Play Without Subscribing - Browse podcasts and play episodes without the need to subscribe to the show
  • Up Next Syncing - Lists and show progress sync seamlessly across every platform
  • Filters - More powerful tools to organize your favorite shows and create playlists
  • New Web Player - Modern, streamlined design and powerful new features
  • Dozens of Quality of Life Improvements - New archiving features, playback effects while streaming, enhanced Apple Watch support, listening history and much more
“The leaders in public radio came together to acquire Pocket Casts because we wanted the best podcast platform available for our listeners and want to evolve it into an even more sophisticated platform for listeners and producers,” said Laura Walker, CEO of New York Public Radio and Pocket Casts board member. “This overhaul illustrates how we’re delivering on that promise and offering both new and existing listeners a better experience.”

Created in 2010, Pocket Casts is one of the most celebrated and highly-rated platforms for podcast listening. The platform’s listeners engage more than industry averages, tuning in nearly 7 hours per week with 50 percent of users returning daily. In all, the paid app features more than 500,000 podcasts for listeners to select from. Critically acclaimed, Pocket Casts has been recognized as "the podcast app every iPhone user needs" (WIRED) as well as "the best podcast app for Android" (The Verge).