Do you help charge your friends' batteries?

I've come to the realization I'm an anomaly.  I have cables usually just about anywhere I go.  My desk, my car, my bag, several desks/coffee tables in my house ... and further to that I tend to have a selection of some sort of power bank near me.  

Typically, if someone around me is making motions that their battery is low I have it covered for them.

Apparently, that may not be the case for some people.

So, I ask you - do you share charging options with your friends?

Huawei's new Mate 20 Pro has a huge 4200mAh battery and has the option to share that juice with a friend - even doing so wirelessly!  Pretty cool.

Would you do that?

Huawei Canada conducted a survey and found that 70% said that having a battery that lasts for an entire day is important.