Google's Fabric Case for the Pixel 3 XL

Unfortunately, I've had an issue with the Pixel 3 XL I was sent.  Not sure if it's an issue with the charger I was testing or the device.  More on that scenario later.

But, while I'm waiting for my Pixel replacement, I thought I'd show you the video of the fabric case that I have for it.

It's really nice.

Expensive as all get out, $50CDN for the case, but it's really sturdy and comfy.

It's a little hard to get off easily once it's on.  I like to remove it now and again to stop it from getting too much dust in the edges.

Overall, really good case, just have to get over the price.  I do like those minimal style ones ... but eventually the clear TPU gets a little yellow'ish.

Now, only to see how it ages when it gets wet or something.