Google's 2018 Made By Google line up

Wow, did you watch yesterday's launch?  If you hadn't, please give it a watch (or a re-watch) here:

Aside from being a good recap of the previous "Made by Google" lineup that showcased some of the best hardware to date - it had also received a lot of applaud from industry around design work too.

Then they launched into their new 2018 lineup.

The 2018 line up, well it was really leaked heavily and there wasn't a lot of surprises around hardware; but Google always has talked about not just providing stellar hardware, but the software.  And it was the software that made me go "cool".

So, what did they launch?

There's a new Pixel - the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL (yes it has a notch).  The camera is supposed to be that much better (they had top photographers use it for magazine covers), but it's got a cool new call screening feature, more 'ar stickers' ... and best of all - Qi charging.  It is available for pre-order now, starting at $1000.

There's the Google Home Hub - a home mini with a tablet.  I can see that being super helpful; but even more, the 'home' / dashboard feature now lets you see all your home connected 'things' (like Nest, lightbulbs, etc...).  This isn't currently slated to come to Canada.  Nutz... I think I'd really like this for Dean's homework.

And there's a new Pixelbook... er, Pixel Slate.  Definitely more 'tablet' than laptop this year, not sure how I feel about that, but at least I can lose the keyboard if I wanted to use it as a tablet now.  Those keys look ... 'interesting'.  It's $850 right now but you'll have to wait on the waiting list.

I'm pretty impressed.

Like I said, the hardware is cool, but really how you use it is more important, and more than ever, Google is nailing it in the software.

What did you think of yesterday's event?