Casio F20 gets Wear OS 2.0

Hadn't switched watches in a while, I still love my Moto 360 Sport, and it hasn't had the Wear OS 2.0 update yet.

But since the issue I have with my Pixel 3, I don't want to unpair then repair the 360, so I just re-connected the Casio to the Pixel 2, and immediately it came up with the new update.

The update finally does away with the annoying left/right swipe for the faces.  How often were people swapping watch faces?

Instead, swiping from the left brings in the Assistant, and swiping from the right loads Google Fit.

The pull down from the top now has some switches, but it's important to know what each of them do.

The notification cards are a little 'card'ish and not FULL screen each time.  Also the quick replies look a little cleaner and easier now.