NOMAD has a new charging pad / station available to buy

These days, batteries are awesome.  They last longer and longer.

That being said, we still need to have a top up here and there.  Some way to easily give the device a charge before we head out.  Plus, we have to make it look as simple as possible, and as seamless for the desk ... nobody wants a bulky wall wort they have to go and find the plug and run the cable up to your desk or find a way to have your phone within range.

Now, I have shown you a really cool one from NOMAD in the past, their Wireless Hub.  Now that was $80USD, and they have a new "Base Station" for $20USD more.

For the extra bucks the Qi charging is doubled, so you can put 2 devices on at the same time, but only have 2 outputs after that (one USB-A, one USB-C).

But it does look sexy with the leather charging pad and a really nice low profile for any desk.

You can order it now on the site and have it ship out Oct 8th.