LG lets out updates for the G7, V20, G6 and Q6

While everybody is talking about Android Pie, LG is offering updates of a different sort.  Updates that have new features etc..  and they're doing it across several different model numbers.

First up is the newest G7ThinQ which will include updates to the already awesome camera by including AR stickers.  Now are these the stickers from the Pixel or LG's own?  Dunno, just need to wait and see I guess (hoping LG will send me a device for some longer time reviews).

Then there's the G6 is getting a software update for its camera to include the AI-enhanced Bright mode; as well, Flash Jump Cut is coming to the camera mode.

Then, the V20 and Q6 are getting Android 8.0, with the Q6's upgrade there's some audio enhancements coming too!

Read their release below:


LG Reiterates Commitment to Provide Continuous and Regular Updates for Longer-Lasting Smartphones to Enhance Customer Experience

TORONTO, AUGUST 21, 2018 — LG Electronics Canada Inc. (LG) announced that it will begin rolling out software updates for the LG G7 ThinQ, LG G6LG V20 and LG Q6*. Users of the LG G7 ThinQ will get to enjoy the new Augmented Reality (AR) Sticker feature that allows virtual avatars to be inserted into photos or videos. The LG G6 will receive a host of new advanced camera features that were recently introduced with the latest LG flagship device, the LG G7 ThinQ.

V20 Oreo OS Upgrade

The LG V20 will be updated to Android 8.0 Oreo OS, the latest premium smartphone from LG to receive the OS update which follows the LG G6 update recently released. LG will first roll out the updates in its home market of South Korea, followed by other international markets in the coming months.

With the Oreo OS update for the LG V20, users will be able to enjoy a faster and smarter smartphone experience. A host of new convenient features include picture-in-picture support for video, notification grouping and support for autofillers. Usability will also be vastly improved with better battery life management and app optimization.

G7 ThinQ Camera New Features Update

Unveiled in May earlier this year, the LG G7 ThinQ will soon receive the AR Sticker update that highlights the new entertainment features that will be forthcoming, on top of the core fundamental features of audio, battery, camera and display. Users can include animated 3D characters or text in photos and videos that can be then easily shared online with friends with the AR Sticker feature.    

G6 Camera New Features Update

The LG G6 will get the AI-enhanced Bright Camera feature that can capture low light images that are up to two times brighter. With the help of pixel binning and advanced software processing techniques, the AI algorithm determines the best camera settings when shooting in dim environments.

Another new and fun feature is Flash Jump Cut, which snaps four photos between intervals with the use of the flash as a visual aid to create fun videos or GIFs. Users of the LG G6 will also appreciate the addition of the Timer Helper feature that uses the flash as a countdown timer to take the perfect group photo.

Q6 Oreo OS Upgrade + Audio New Features Update

The midrange LG Q6 will not only be updated to Android 8.0 Oreo OS, but also receive several new audio features. Music and movie lovers will appreciate the inclusion of DTS:X for up to 7.1 channel 3D surround sound when listening with earphones. When enjoying their favourite tunes, users can turn on Flash Light, a new lighting effect that uses the flash to match the beat of the music that they are listening to. Similarly, the new Flash Alerts utilizes the flash as a visual aid, flashing in beat with users’ favourite ringtone for any incoming calls.

This wave of software updates is testament of LG’s renewed mobile strategy to deliver longer-lasting phones that are continuously updated with new features and the latest OS, even with previous generation models. LG recently opened the global Software Upgrade Centre that is dedicated to ensuring a consistent user experience on LG smartphones by continuously testing the stability and compatibility between hardware and software after updates.

The establishment of the centre of the Software Upgrade Centre has already seen LG rolled out a steady stream of updates for various LG smartphones recently and acts as an after-sales support hub to allow customers to use LG smartphones for an extended and stable period.

“LG smartphone owners can be assured that they will always get to enjoy the latest and most-up-to-date mobile experience with regular software and feature updates, even for older models.” said Ash Molaei, Senior Brand Manager, Mobile Communications of LG Electronics Canada Inc. “We will continue to earn our customers trust and demonstrate that our products have a long usage and extended shelf life far beyond the initial purchase period.”

* Availability of the software update may vary due to requirements and conditions.