Kika's recent update makes voice typing a little bit easier

Just want to apologize off the hop, for some reason the screen recording app doesn't like me recording and then going on the internet for voice typing for some reason and can't figure out why.  Anyways...

Cover artSo, a while back I reviewed an option for a keyboard replacement, Kika.  There's plenty of options out there (just started asking on my FB and lots of you on SwiftKey).

Recently Kika updated.  There's still all the emojis and stickers (lots of them, almost too cluttered) and gifs (still can't search them tho'), but what they added was new voice features. 

The media release is at the bottom of the article

So, the big addition is this new option to do 'replacement' of any errors in the voice recognition.

It was really hard to capture on video (for some reason the screen recorder blocks any voice recognition connecting to the internet... weird).

Essentially, what you can do is have it voice recognize some text.  But nothing's perfect so there may be an error in what you get.

So, when there's an error, or you just want to reword something that was written you can hit the 'replace' button and say something like "replace 'up' with 'out'" and surprisingly it works.

It's pretty neat.  I can look through and say "replace trying out with testing" and it'll go through a previous paragraph and make that correction.

Personally, I don't use voice to text much, but that might be nicer for when you start using your device more and more for longer writing (as a rule, I tend to use my phone for shorter emails/texts... if there's a paragraph or so response needed, I'll jump on to my computer instead).

Get it on Google Play
For more information visit their site:

Kika Tech Changes Users Perception of Voice Typing with the Launch of Voice Board for Android Devices

Voice Board Provides AI Powered Smart Correction that Makes Replacing and Correcting Typos Easier Than Ever

SAN JOSE, Calif. – July 23, 2018 – Kika Tech, who revolutionizes communications with AI, today introduced Voice Board, a voice typing, full-function keyboard for Android devices. Voice typing can now serve as the main way to send messages, not just an add-on to the traditional keyboard. With Voice Board, users can correct typos easier than ever with one click or one voice command, send emojis and add punctuations with voice as their primary input method.

“At the core of the Voice Board is Kika’s speech recognition engine, built using deep learning,” said Bill Hu, CEO of Kika Tech. “Users find voice typing redundant because no matter what you still need to switch back to keyboard to ‘type,’ and this is the problem Voice Board wants to tackle. After all, speaking is still the most natural way to communicate. Voice Board is designed for voice as the primary input method.”

An extension of the company’s flagship product, Kika Keyboard, Voice Board provides more features than other voice-typing apps in the market, making voice-typing a better way to chat in IM scenarios. Features and benefits include:

Fast – Smart correction allows users to quickly correct typos on Voice Board. Users won’t need to switch back to the main keyboard to delete and retype. When users see typos in the text box, they can just click the replace button and say the word to replace the typo. Kika uses its AI algorithm to determine which word to replace through similar sound/similar meaning.
o For example: Can’t wait to sell the voice bored with my friends. Click Replace and say “share the voice board” then text changes into → Can’t wait to share the voice board with my friends.
o Users can also say: “replace sell the voice bored with share the voice board” or click on the words “sell the voice bored”, click Replace then say “share the voice board” to make the change.

Whole – Voice Board provides all the components including emojis, punctuation and cursors for you to type just the way users are accustomed to on a traditional keyboard.

Accuracy – Voice Board is more accurate than other voice-typing apps because it adapts to noisy environments. Using deep learning technology, Voice Board can precisely understand speakers with different accents.