Kika keyboard

Cover artSo many gifs, so little time.  For those of you using GBoard (because it is awesome) you have a quick way to get at some of that stuff.  For those of you not, or don't want to trust Google there's another option called Kika.

The idea behind this free keyboard is that you can have your normal keyboard, but at the press of a button have instant access to a ton of different emoji (which are searchable), stickers, gifs (which isn't searchable, but has a huge selection across dozens of categories) or emoticons.

Then there's the whole option to be able to customize it, something that GBoard doesn't quite have.

Something that I think that the right target will love... like my son.  Give him a Pokemon theme or something and he'll deck out his whole phone.

And I think that's the bonus here, personalize it how you want.

The downside here is that, although it's free, it does have several ads placed about.  When I was using a bluetooth speaker at the house going through the settings for the keyboard an ad came up and took over audio... it hasn't happened off of the speaker, but it was weird.  You can disable all ads for about ~$2.60CDN if you like it well enough.

The big advantage for anyone will be the quick access to their emojis and gifs.  I'm seeing lots of people post on social media with those "reply with a gif of how we met", so this form of communication is becoming more and more popular compared to simple text these days... so we need a keyboard that reflects that.

It's too bad that the keyboard doesn't let you search gifs tho'.

Get it on Google Play
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