One day sale at eBay Canada

Crud, I'd almost forgotten that it's Father's Day coming.  TO help with folks that are just thinking now about gifts, eBay is offering a coupon code:


 Which will net you 20% off ... sitewide.

Not a bad deal.

It's only one day, TODAY (June 6th) and runs until 10PM EST.

So, if you want to order it and have it shipped (hopefully) in time for dad, best to take advantage of this.

Here's some of their top suggestions:

Price: $399.99

Regular Price: $299.99

Regular Price: $79.99

Regular Price: $489.99

Regular Price: 57.95

Hrm... never heard of that watch brand before, but not a bad price.  I have some Paypal credit I should burn up.

What are you getting  your dad?