Do you need, or fear the battery number in your system tray? [Poll]

So... you've heard of "white coat syndrome", where being in the doctor's room can cause more anxiety and then cause the readings to be elevated.

Knowing the situation affects the outcome, essentially...

It's the same (sort of) for me if I go to a store I know is closing soon.  If I'm constantly watching my watch  I get a little too anxious and its harder to focus on the task (picking out which groceries I need) as I feel I have to rush.  My mom would tell stories about how I would keep tugging at her to get going and leave whenever the store would message over the loudspeakers "The store will be closing in 15 minutes".  Anyways.

Another area where I'm finding this lately is with my battery.  Not knowing what my actual battery percentage is can give me concern.  That little sliver out of the icon... is that 10% ... 15%?  It's hard to guestimate.  (Don't even get me started on portable batteries with just the 3 colour indicators)

I'd rather know the number so I can determine if my battery is getting too low.

Now, I know that's silly.  To be honest, I haven't ever had a battery fail to make it through the day, let alone that I have plenty of charging options all around me.  No matter what the readout, I'm probably pretty good and don't need to be concerned.

So I tried a couple days where I didn't put the percentage in the system tray.  Just ran the graphical.

Sure, at the end of the day I was fine, but throughout the day I found myself cheating to find the actual number (some will put the percentage on the lock screen, or I'd go into the settings, or plug it in and then it'll show on the lock screen).  My brain needs that reassurance of some number that we're not in a 'jeopardy mode'.

The brain is a weird thing.

Anyways, I thought I'd ask a few of you on Google+ what you preferred.

Here's the post

Hopefully, you can see that (can we still embed Google+ posts? guess not).

Most of you are like me and need the number.  Some of you ONLY wanted the number.

It's funny, that on my Pixelbook, I don't want the percentage or the icon... I want the 'estimated time remaining' value.  Maybe they should have that up there.