Choetech's USB-C multiport hub is what every Pixelbook user needs

...okay, maybe not just Pixelbook or Macbooks, but even any device with a USB-C connector.

Let me explain.

On the new Pixelbook, and a few other laptops, they've pretty much gotten rid of the standard USB ports.  It's starting to become old tech and we're in that in-between time where not everything has gone that way.

Anyways, if you're like me and using the Pixelbook and someone hands you a flashdrive... you give them a weird look.  I've conditioned most people to automatically send me a Dropbox or Drive link already.  But more importantly, if I wanted to connect my laptop to the screen for a presentation... there's no video output to work with.

Well, this one adapter from Choetech handles all that adapting with one gizmo

It makes a handy accessory to have, for just $46CDN.

So, you have something that's just slightly larger than a thumb drive so it'll fit easily in your laptop bag and then provides so much usefulness.

Plug it into your USB port (on the Pixelbook we have either side) and then you have 5 ways to use it.

1. microSD card reader
 - if you have a phone or GoPro with the microSD card, you can plop the card in there to read your files
 - note, I found out (the manual didn't say this) that the card goes in 'upside down' from what you may think how it goes in

2. SD card reader
 - I guess someone may still have a digital camera with one of those kicking around... do people still have these?

3&4. USB ports
 - so either a USB drive or your mouse or ... or both even!

5. HDMI output
 - got that presentation

Covers all the bases.

It's a fairly sturdy build, so you feel confident that it's not about to fall apart like some of the adapters I've gotten over the years and the little metallic sleeve falls apart.

I kinda wish that it also had a USB-C port on it so I could plug the Pixelbook in at the same time for charging (I know, there is a port on the other side I could use too).

But a good investment for $46CDN for the Pixelbook, or heck, any phone as well can do the same.  Neat.