Brainwavz Delta earbuds ... deceptively good

So, I often get a lot of requests to review items. You don't get how many items I end up turning down.  One I almost turned down was a set of earbuds from a company called Brainwavz ... I like the play that the name of the earbuds has... Delta.  It's 'brain waves' and these are delta brain waves... I get it.  Maybe that's what let me say yes to reviewing a pair.

The Deltas are actual 'wired' earbuds.  Meaning you have to plug them in.  Took me a while to find a phone that had a 1/8" jack (my LG G6) and give them a try.

At first I get this soft plastic box so I wasn't so enthused.  They looked small and cheap ($27.50USD I wasn't going to expect too much out of them).

Then you open the box and there was a vinyl travel case for them.  Okay, improving my opinion.

I don't know what it is about a travel case, but as soon as I see it, I'm just that much more impressed.

Opening it up you see it comes with spare rubber pads, a lapel clip and a velcro cable keeper.  Neat.

There's even a set of 'Comply' premium foam tips to really help with the isolation.

That's neat.

The connection point was an angled one, and I was worried it might be a 90° connector as I sometimes have issues with clearance, but it's almost 45 and small enough to fit through a case on the G6 which is a plus.

So now that it's plugged in... how is it?

Surprisingly good actually for a tiny little driver.  Checking the specs it's 20Hz to 20kHz, so some good lower response.  The highs could be a bit tinny, the lows a little 'empty' ... but for its size, I was still impressed.  I did not expect the performance it offered.

The other bonus was that on the website it just shows that the little control piece of it just has the answer button.  But in actual fact it has volume controls too.  So you can control volume, you can play/pause, double click to skip, triple click to previous.


Not a bad find for just $30USD.  Now ... do I want to be carrying around a USB-C->headphone dongle, or just leave it for my Pixeblook?