Google Assistant is learning some new tricks for the Stanley playoffs

One of the cool things I like to show off to people who newly get an Android phone is setting up Assistant.

For most people I know, like the typical Canadain, they're big hockey fans, so getting them to include their favourite team there is something they quickly love.

Well, it looks like for the upcoming playoffs (and to be honest, I'm clueless as to where we are in that, just I know that Toronto Maple Leafs are sort of in ... or vying ... I know, I lose my Canadian card in saying that ... especially as I have friends related to Matt Murray who'll be defending their back-to-back cup wins) and Google is going to help get you ready for it by beefing up its hockey repertoire.

So, with some more hockey knowledge in tow you can stay in the know even just to have some trivia at your fingertips.  Check out some of Google's suggestions below.

We love our little Google Home Mini, but you can get the same from the app on your phone.

Satisfy those nostalgic feelings with playoff memories  
  • Playoffs tend to bring out a lot of emotions in fans. Why not experience memories from Canadians across the country?
    • “Ok Google, tell me a playoff memory.”
Get your facts ready for those Stanley Cup viewing parties
  • Stay up to date on all your NHL facts so you’re not left out when watching the game with friends and family
    • “Ok Google, tell me a hockey fact.”
Feel inspired
  • Get pumped up for the big game with quotes from some of the NHL’s biggest stars
    • “Ok Google, tell me a hockey quote.”
Be the life of the party
  • Everyone loves a good joke, so come prepared to your next playoff party with the help of Google Assistant. *Warning - proceed with caution if you’re in a room with passionate  hockey fans.
    • “Hey Google, tell me a hockey joke.”
Get in the mood
  • The playoffs are right around the corner so it’s time to start prepping those pre-game meals and lucky socks so they’re ready for the big game.
    • “Hey Google, who’s your favourite hockey team?”
    • “Hey Google, do you play hockey?”
    • “Hey Google, do you like hockey?”
    • “Hey Google, who will win the cup this year?”