Swype is 'dead' - what other apps did you used to have to have?

So, I read a while back about Swype dying, and it really got me thinking.

I hadn't used the app in forever, but I remember it coming out.  I was trying to find the original article I wrote, when they introduced it and they had someone just smash the old texting champion speeds using it.  But all I could find was this:  https://techcrunch.com/2018/02/20/nuance-ends-development-of-the-swype-keyboard-apps/ (when it was coming as a beta).

Oh well...

I used to love the app, and always had to have it.  But then I moved on to SwiftKey, then GBoard ...

And it got me thinking, what were the apps that you just LOVED.  You had to have it, that ended up lingering and falling by the wayside?

Do they still exist?  Do you visit them now and again?

For me, I used to have to have CircleLauncher.  Then there were these apps like dgMoney and Mileage.  I used to have pretty much every cloud storage option (Box, SugarSync, CX, Minus, etc...) but I've just settled on Drive and Dropbox. lately.  Similarly, before the were official Drive apps we had to use QuickOffice (it would sync with Docs files)

Who remembers Latitude?

Not to mention a ton of games (Angry Birds, Sudoku, countless fortress games...); and let's not even start to bring up the memory of Google Reader.

I love strolling through 'my apps' section of the Play Store now and again to see what it is I used to play around with).  Oh, man, haven't thought about Aldiko in FOREVER!

What apps do you remember needing to have but have since grown apart?