Ringke Fusion for the Pixel 2 XL

Protecting that Pixel phone is a paramount, you can't let bumps or scratches befall it... however, you don't want to mar the beauty of the phone by sealing it in a brick.

What to do?  What to use?

Enter the Ringke Fusion - I'm using the clear version, and it's only $14CDN.  This is my favourite now!

Definitely my pick of the litter as it hits all my sweet spots.

Okay, so first up, the case slips on very easily.  The TPU is very flexible.

There are no port flaps, the buttons are raised so they're easy to hit.  Sweet.

Because of the flexibility the sensitivity for the edge doesn't need to be adjusted.

The rim from the case goes all the way around the screen with sufficient height to be able to place it on the table facedown and not worry about scratches on the glass.

Best of all it's clear and see through so you can still see that it's the Panda edition of the Pixel 2 XL with that G logo on the back.  God, I'm turning into an iUser, aren't I?

I don't know why, but the Fusion models come with a sticker over the harder back covering and you have to take them off before using.

I can sort of see why, because with the TPU there is a pretty good chance to collect finger grease on it, and with the clear it's very obvious.  Probably the only downside to this $14CDN case.

It's going to be my all time use item.  Good amount of protection, low price and very low profile.