Do you love BlackBerry?

Okay, the cult of the BlackBerry, although thinned in previous years, is still pretty strong.  There are many folks out there clutching their keyboarded devices not willing to give it up.  There are some who just want to support 'Canadian companies'.

Heck, even +Rob Blaich had left his Nexus behind after becoming enamoured with the KEYone.

To capitalize on this love fest for their phones, BlackBerry has created their own "FanLeague".

The idea is a forum that they created for other BlackBerry enthusiasts to get together, post, comment etc...

I'm imagining this ...

...but with more suits and ties!

Anyways, the point here is to really get people enthused about it and to help build that fever pitch there'll be challenges and participants can win prizes.

Now what the prizes are specifically they don't say, well they do say 'chance to include a new phone' (but what's the likelihood of that?).

The main point of this would more to ensure that BB themselves are in there and are listening to their fans and having them help shape their future.

Check out the press release below.


IRVINE, Calif. – March 20, 2018 – BlackBerry smartphone fans are among the most loyal and passionate in the world, and BlackBerry Mobile from TCL Communication is launching its BlackBerry Smartphone Fan League just for them. The mission of the Fan League is to find new and creative ways to engage with BlackBerry smartphone fans, improving awareness of new Android-powered BlackBerry smartphones like the BlackBerry KEYone, but also helping these fans feel more connected to the brand they’re so passionate about. As part of the Fan League, participants will have a chance to win weekly and monthly prizes which will include new BlackBerry Mobile smartphones. Additionally, they’ll have opportunities to participate in special user surveys and beta testing programs, providing them a direct voice and input to the BlackBerry Mobile team.

“Launching the BlackBerry Smartphone Fan League is our way of better engaging with our customers, rewarding their loyalty and passion for BlackBerry smartphones, but also giving them a voice that will shape the future of BlackBerry smartphones from TCL Communication,” said Alain Lejeune, Global General Manager for TCL Communication’s BlackBerry Mobile Division.

The BlackBerry Smartphone Fan League is a points-based social engagement platform that allows BlackBerry smartphone fans to earn points by re-sharing BlackBerry Mobile social media content, generating their own content about their BlackBerry smartphone, participating in surveys and recruiting new Fan League members. With the points they accumulate, they’ll be able to earn entries to have a chance to win a variety of weekly and monthly prizes – including the chance to win new BlackBerry Mobile smartphones. Fan League members also have access to exclusive user surveys which will play an important role in user feedback for future product development. In time, BlackBerry Mobile’s closed beta smartphone testing and user feedback programs will also be made available to Fan League members. Initially, the Fan League is only available to BlackBerry Mobile customers in Canada, the U.S. and U.K.

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