[poll] Favourite phones - of 2017 and 2018

So, we've just passed the first month of the new year.  Wow... such a quickening pace it seems.

Around the new year, I had listed out all of the reviews on the site from the last year, and then a few days ago I had asked my G+ followers about their favourite phone of all time.

From that, I realized that I had omitted to do an article around 'what was my favourite phone from 2017' ... but to go further ... what is the most looked forward to phone of 2018.

Let's hear from you first.  And then I'll tell you my thoughts after.

Okay ... for me?

It's a tough call. I've been an LG fan for so long and it took me a bit of getting used to get over my initial apprehensions of the G6.  The dual lenses was weird on the G5, there's no IR, the Friends never caught on.... so there was apprehension in my getting it.

But I loved it.  Perfect size.  Qi.  Sure it had a weird LG UI .. but it's replaceable.

The Pixel 2 came in with the most amazing camera to date.  Pure Googley'ness ...

Still, even though the Pixel 2 is my daily ... I've really debated about going back to it.

Now, on to the device I'm most anticipating.

Okay, there's the next LG ... but after all the ... well, bit of controversy and confusion has muddied the water somewhat.

What about the next Samsung (never really excited me).  There are some neat things coming out of Asus.

But for me, the most exciting to come out in 2018 has to be the successor to the Moto Z.

Now, in Canada there was a Moto Z2 Play, but no Z2 'non-Play' version.  I think there was the Z2 'Force' in the US, but not for us in Canada.  My wife loved her Z Play and got a successor in 2017, but not for my Moto Z.

The Moto Z was ideal for me.  I loved the whole "inspector Gadget'ness of the device.  So I'm excited for a true follow up.  And, have you seen the leaks around the next Moto Z?  Looks amazing.

In summation, in 2017 I love the LG G6.  In 2018, I think I'm going to love the Moto Z3.

We'll see!

How about you?