Nomad leather travel charging stand

It's one of those things that once you have it, you can't imagine what life was like it before.  Fingerprint sensors, 2:1 viewing display and Qi charging to name a few

Qi is the biggest thing I miss on the Pixel 2 and I'm still tempted to do a week back with the G6.

Being able to just place the phone down and it charges up is such an awesome feature.

Nomad, maker of some really kickass charging products (cables, hubs, to name a few) have just come up with a Qi travel charger.  This is awesome!

Don't let the iPhone there fool you.  Remember, the iDevices only just got Qi charging, many of our Android devices have it already.

This new travel accessory is a little 'box', that when you open it up had a little piece in there to allow you quickly assemble it into a bit of a kickstand and then the phone sits on that and you have a place for it to rest.  Plug it in and you then have 7.W of Qi charging pumping out for your device.

The whole thing is then covered in something called "Horween" leather ... essentially fancy leather.

All for $60USD.  Check it out.