Bell is upping their Roam Better

So, with the pipe band I tend to travel to the US a bit for parades.  That requires me to try to figure out how to continue to get my data feed.

I used to swap SIMs for a ROAM card, or use a spare device.  But service was spotty.

Then I started using the Roam Better package at Bell.  For $5 a day (same I was paying for Roam Mobility) I didn't have to swap SIMs and it had better coverage.

The only thing with that was it only allowed me 100MB a day.  That was somewhat limiting, plus it was not in my normal pool of data, so my phone wouldn't know to not count that time.

So, for an extra buck a day I could use my 'home data pool'.    Use as much data as I wanted in the US, just don't go over my bucket for the month.

Cool.  Well, that price is going up now by another buck.

The 100MB/day plan is going from $5 to $6 and the home data option is going from $6 to $7.

Still, not a big deal ... but go for a 3 day weekend and that's a third of my monthly plan.  Still cheaper than paying for long distances I guess (or doing without).