Oral-B 3000 a toothbrush with Bluetooth

So, in my circle of friends, I've been known as "Inspector Gadget".  I was (erm.. am...) known for having all the gadgets and nerdy'ish toys.

Brought a bit of a sense of pride actually, in a weird sort of way.

This Christmas it was a new badge of pride as my wife got me something I was actually wanting, but took it to a new height.  For a while I wanted a new toothbrush, my old Oral-B wasn't holding much of a charge anymore, so she got me the new Oral-B 3000.

So, it's an electric toothbrush ... yeah, but this has Bluetooth.

Wait, whu?  Pretty much my, and everybody I've told about it, reaction.  What do you need Bluetooth in a toothbrush for?  Will it play music?

Let's find out!

So, essentially you use the Bluetooth in the toothbrush to connect to the Oral B app

Get it on Google Play

The idea is that you can connect the toothbrush to the app and it'll monitor your usage.

That's cool.  I'm thinking it'll be like some fitbit, monitoring how often it's on etc...

But, no.  It only works while you have the app on.  You have to bring your phone into the bathroom, turn on the app and then start the toothbrush for it to start the timer.  I get it ... because of the nature of changing the heads, it won't know who's using the toothbrush ...

So, you're supposed to brush for 2 minutes ... and it'll count down for you.  Then it'll tell you what your average time is, and even tell you how often you used too much pressure (the brush has a red light on the back to let you know, but you don't often notice it).

In order to not be 'weird' about bringing your phone into the bathroom and watching a clock tick down the app uses the lower half of the screen to give you some interesting things to see.

So you can see your appointments coming up, a news feed (that you can customize), the weather, inspiring quotes, your photos or even quotes.


Personally, I still couldn't be enticed to use it, hence why my time was so low (no real place to set my phone for that... maybe I need a mount or something).

You can set your dentist appointments, even add in your dentist (it didn't find mine tho').

There's even an option for you to export your 'activity' if you want to share it with your dentist.  I'm sure they'd just love to see that when you show up to your cleaning every 6 months.

Best is that you can set it to automatically order you a new head from Amazon when it's needed, something I'd always forget about.

As a toothbrush, well, I'm not here to review that so much... it works just as you'd think.  It's got a strong, weak and 'massage' mode.  And it's something that works to help my son think that brushing his teeth is cool because it's a gadget (like father, like son, eh?).

Best of all, she got it on sale.

Source:  https://oralb.ca/en-ca/products/electric-toothbrushes/3000