Bell Let's Talk Day - Jan 31

I don't know why, but of all my 'health fears, mental health is the one that I'm afraid of the most.  In my high school there had been a couple suicides, and then later on in life, I had a friend lose his wife and son to postpartum depression.

It freaks me out.  I'm never sure how to deal with it, or help someone who's said to me that they feel 'depressed' or similar.  Maybe it's just the 'male gene' of "if something is broken, it can be fixed... let me go get my hammer", but with mental health, there's nothing really to 'fix'.  Nothing tangible.  And then we get uncomfortable.  And nothing worse for the person sufferer for us to be all 'uncomfortable', making them feel worse.

So, to help ease the stigma, Bell has done this "let's talk" day.  A lot of times it's just being open to listening.  No better way to show we're open than to say "let's talk" and these days it's on your phone.

Bell is offering to donate essentially any time you use your phone on January 31st.

So, let's all do our part. Last year they were able to donate just over $6.5 million. Let's see if we can top that this year by telling our friends and family "let's talk".