LectroFan Kinder - white noise and night light

Okay, chalk this up to something along the lines of "oh, okay, this had an unexpected, unintended use case that I obviously didn't count on".

This happened to me once before with a motion sensor light, I get something for review and I kinda just scoff... yeah, that's not as useful as they're making it out to be.  But then it surprises me somehow...  Neat.

Today's surprise comes from this LectroFan machine.  It's the $80USD Kinder ... I'm guessing, short for Kindergarten, for those young kids who want a night light and a white noise machine.

I had reviewed one of their product before, a Bluetooth speaker and white noise machine.  Neat little thing.  So how is this different?

Well first up, this thing is a straight plug in to the wall.  It's meant to mimic a nightlight in that sense.

There is no Bluetooth speaker component that I can tell ... which is too bad, the speaker isn't that bad on it.

On the device, there's only an on/off switch.  Everything is controlled via an app.  Which makes, sense, you don't want some toddler going in and mucking about... just set it and forget it!  (hopefully, because the kid falls asleep).

So what does the app control?

Firstly, pairing is not necessary.  with it plugged into the wall and then just turning on the app you'll see the item right there and you're good to go.  Not sure how it would work if you had more than one ... and is it only Bluetooth range?

Once connected you then have controls to play with the night light, whether to adjust the intensity or the colour.

You also have a timer option, to let it work for only a certain set amount of time before turning off.

Then there's the sound end of things.  There are more than 70 to choose from.  I don't know the actual number, it's what it says on the box, but I'd believe it.

There are options for white, brown, pink noise.

They have a bunch of different instrumental lullabies to choose from (I hadn't the stomach to try listening to it more than once to see if it repeats, I assume it did).

Then there are the options for 'fan' noises (HVAC, oscillating fan, Box fan ...).

Then my favourite, the 'environments'.  You can choose from a beach, a river, but even more 'exciting' ones like 'car ride, restaurant or coffee shop.  My wife and I just loved playing with that.

You can adjust the volume with it and ... I don't know why I found it funny, but we would joke that we should have it ready for when people call to turn it on and pretend we're out.

Or, I like turning it on and leaving it for her to hear when she comes home ... I guess we have an odd sense of humour.  We were initially going to gift it on to some friends who have younger children, but we find ourselves having a hard time parting with it.

Anyways, you can check out the quick video I made.  Sorry for the darkness, but I wanted to show off the night light... which kinda washed out the app; but I think you get the gist.

Source:  https://www.soundofsleep.com/product/lectrofan-kinder/