The Weather Network app now brings a persistent notification

There are just some things that are uniquely Canadian; chief of them is to talk about the weather.

One of the biggest topics for discussion on the weather is where you get your source and do we trust it.  I dunno... maybe it's just the folks I know.  Me, I trust The Weather Network.  I trust the source, and I love the widget on the homescreen.

Well, today it updated to now have a persistent notification.  For those of you uninitiated in the terminology, a persistent notification is one that always is up in the top left, meaning it also has a tile in the pull down notification shade.

The fun part is that on the 'always on' display of my Pixel 2 that it shows the weather there.

yeah it's a greasy screen, I should have wiped it before I took the shot

Now, if you notice, from the earlier screenshot, the display right now is not showing the 'real feel' or the temperature with the windchill factored in; which is REALLY important where I am.

You'll also notice that I expanded the "Google Now" mini card which has the temperature; and 2 points to note there.  It doesn't show that mini card on the lock screen, and it's not the same as The Weather Network.  So it's important (sure it's only 1° different, now...).

The other issue is that some people might say they hate persistent notifications; I can see their usefulness, but I can understand the mentality of something that's 'always there' can be annoying.  For a while now I've started to feel like TWN is a bit redundant, and maybe this persistent notification will convince me to get rid of it... TWN does suck down 2% of my battery according to the stats.  Well, I'll give it a couple days and see if I notice any more battery drain because of it.

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