Razer announces phone - gamer's drooling

So, if you're into the whole gaming culture, you've probably heard of Razer.  They make a bunch of peripherals for gaming folks.

Then they got themselves into the Android realm.  They bought the Android TV box maker, OUYA, and started to make the Forge TV.  The highest spec Android TV box at the time.

Then they bought Nextbit, the folks who were making the Robin.  So what's next for them?  Well, a phone.

from GSMArena.com

Not just any phone, the Razer Phone is the gamer's ideal phone with some real top end specs.

Announced yesterday for $700USD the phone will include:

  • 5.7" QuadHD (2560x1440)
  • 120Hz refresh
  • Snapdragon 835 (2.35GHz x4 + 1.9GHz x4)
  • 8GB RAM
  • 64GB storage + microSD (256GB max)
  • 12MP (f/1.8) + 13MP (f/2.6, 2x zoom)
  • 8MP (f/2.0)
  • 4000mAh

Yeah, did you see that...?

8GB RAM, definitely enough to handle some top end games.

120Hz refresh display, more than enough to handle a fast moving video and not have jittery views.

Couple it with a top end Snapdragon 835 to pump everything along, and then hook it up with 4000mAh of juice and this will hum along just nicely.

All for $700USD, which is about $900CDN.  Not bad, considering for around that price you're not even getting Pixel 2 XL or Note 8 items.

Just too bad that they put the fingerprint sensor on the side like Sony ... I'm guessing that putting it on the back might interfere with how one may hold it when playing games.

I'd provide you the link to go to their site and check it out, but it looks like the site has gone down for some maintenance.  The info suggests that you could order it from their site and it would ship in about 2 weeks.

Are you interested?  For the price it looks to be pretty good deal.