Essential PH-1 drops to $650CDN

Holeee crap!

If you're looking for a top end phone and you're all kvetshing about the price of the Pixel 2 or the Note 8 ... well, remember the Essential?

It was top end specs, nearly PURE Android feel.  I was just let down by some of the camera shots.  Otherwise, the 128GB storage was awesome.

Plus, that 'teardrop' is dead sexy ... screen going all the way to the top.

Besides, the camera will only get better with more software ... and then there's the mod...  At the time the phone was $1050, making the purchase decision tricky when it's compared against similar.

Well, it's now down to just $650CDN to purchase outright from Telus.

Yup ... if you're looking for a new phone, this is a good bet right here.