Checkout all the keyboard shortcuts on your Pixelbook

Again, not sure if this is Pixelbook specific, or if this is available for all Chromebooks, but man this was hella useful.

I'm still getting used to using this Pixelbookand the new keyboard configuration for my shortcuts (I love using keyboard shortcuts) seeing as some of the buttons are 'missing' (like the F keys, home/end/etc...).

So, just hit CTRL+ALT+? for the display of the keyboard to show up on the screen.  You'll see the keyboard layout, but then when you hit CTRL or ALT or SHIFT or search, it'll change the layout and show you the commands it can do.

Reminded me so much of that little row of commands you used to print out and put above your F keys for Word Perfect back in the day.  Who remembers those?

Have fun