Skillshare - learn something new via your phone

So, I'm what you call an Economic Development Officer in my 'alternate identity', I 'specialize' in working with entrepreneurs and assist in their endeavours to be successful.  A lot of that time it's "I don't know how to market" or "how should I be setting up  X".  There's so much that they don't know that they don't know.

Many folks are trying to improve themselves ... we're in a knowledge economy these days.  A lot of times, it's not what you can actually do, but what can you learn to do, or what do you know?

Learning is something we teach people to do these days... not specifics, but how to learn.  So what will they learn?  And who has time to take on a full class somewhere?

Lots of folks are turning to Youtube for a quick lesson or getting inspiration from Ted talks. Sure, there's Udemy and Coursera ... but, again, who has the time.  Sometimes it's the structure of actually taking a 'class' with work and assignments.  People are looking for 'easy'.

I talked to a few people about why they'd want to take some lessons online and most of them said because it would be easier and they could do it at their leisure.

Well, Skillshare is a site that not only has a series of topics for you to learn via videos, and best of all it's got a companion phone app so you can take your learning with you.

Setting up the app you're asked the typical questions that you might want to learn about; I chose Entrepreneurship and a couple other topics.

Based on your topics you're met with some suggested 'courses'.

Courses are essentially on a variety of topics that deal with your interests and then in each, there's a video (or series of videos) for your to watch.

But it's more than just watching a video.  Like I said, there are TED videos out there (but which are the good ones, which are the just vapours?), but so what?  You watch the video, but then what?

Well, with Skillshare, each course has not only some 'project' you will do (create a pitch video, write up your MVP/BMC etc...) that you post to the course, allowing others to comment and provide feedback, but you also have a group discussion.

You don't get that watching TED or Youtube videos.

And, you can take it with you.  Watch the course off-line by caching them.  But that's only if you go for the premium option (more on that later).

Like a course or a commentator, you can 'follow' them.  See what they do and essentially try to find the like-minded folks and learn what you can.
The free membership allows you to get access to just the free courses out there.  Paying for Premium ($16/mo or if you go annually it'll be $132 or like $11/mo) gets you the paid options for free (there are about 15,000 courses available).

So, there are lots to learn out there.  And, whether you want to learn something new to help save you a few bucks on hiring a professional to do your website or working on your pitch, this gives you structure for that learning that many of the free resources out there don't.

Why not give it a shot?  Heck, you could even start to provide your own lessons on there.

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