Pixelbook - unboxing video

Okay, I'll admit ... I was burned by the netbook era, and ever since I've kinda hated laptops.

But I've been made to use one for work and I tried out the Galaxy Tab Pro S it was pretty awesome to have something handy to use.

When I watched the #MadeByGoogle event, and I saw the Pixelbook, I knew I was hooked.  I rarely use my computer anymore... something like that would just seal the deal to an all mobile computing for me.  It was a chromebook, it was a tablet ... everything.

Just that price tho'! Anyways, here's giddy me unboxing it.

Please excuse the terrible camera angle... I couldn't wait any longer to unbox it, so I did it at work where I had nothing to mount my phone for the video, and I wasn't about to hand hold it.  Bleh.  So, I jerry-rigged a few items to ensure that the phone was up high enough and angled just right so it wouldn't fall and break.

Sorry... I was excited.

Full review is coming soon.  Have any questions?  Just ask away!