Dashcam? Why not use your phone

So a little while ago I shared with you the Venture Bodycam, which you could use as a dashcam... but it was so hard because you just couldn't see what you're recording.

Well ... why not just use your phone?

This one showed up in my inbox, and I would have loved to give it a try on one of my recent roadtrips.  I'd love to do a bit of a timelapse video using it.

Even better, I would have loved for it to tell me what my speed was as there were some areas I wasn't sure and debated if I was speeding or not.

Well, Navmii not only lets you do that, but it uses some AI to help make it a 'smart dashcam'.

By being able to detect vehicles in front and give you proximity warnings (wherever the camera is pointing tho') or reading signs it can come in pretty handy.

Throw in the fact you can set it to cyclically record (i.e. when the allotted space fills up, it'll start deleting the oldest video to make new ones).


Best of all it's free.  Now it does use data (they estimate about 2mb for about a day's worth of recording) so keep that in mind. So if you use it where you don't have service you'll not get all the features without WiFi.
Get it on Google Play