LG G6 gets a recent update - still 7.0

I get so excited to this one notification on my devices, one stating there's a system update downloading.

So, I got a little happy when my G6 got the notification the other day.  It was fairly large at almost 800MB.

That had to mean something big...


Well, it only had 1 point in the summary:

Phone usability and functionality has been further improved

Well, that's vague.

Upon installing the update, you look through and it's still on 7.0 ... so no 7.1 or 7.1.1 or 7.1.2 for me.

But what did it update to?

Well, it says it's on the July security update (so a little behind my Z2 Play (which is August).  So that's a plus.

But the only real notice I could see that it included was when it first booted up it showed a new pop up screen I hadn't seen before.

This said that if my device were ever unresponsive  I could hard reset by using Power+Vol-.

I think I already knew that, but I guess they are now including a dialogue for that.