[Giveaway] Samsung Galaxy S8 cases (speck and VRS design)

Holey smokes everybody... I can't believe that not only summer is done, but we're marching straight into fall... and I haven't had much opportunity to sit at my computer desk lately and work on much, but had some time today and just realized on my shelf of goodies I still had some Galaxy S8 cases.

So, let's give them away.

This week, we'll be giving away 4 cases for the Galaxy S8

VRS Designs
 - Terra Guard ($35USD value)
 - Crystal Bumper ($30USD value)
 - Simpli Mod ($25USD value)

 - Presidio Slim ($40USD value)

That's $130USD in cases I'm going to give away to one lucky winner.

Enter the draw below.  Next week I've got some Mujjo leather cases to go as well, so stay tuned if you don't win.

Standard rules for me apply:  you must be in Canada.  Shipping is darned expensive.  Winner will be picked, notified and given 24 hours to claim before I re-draw.

I'll draw Friday, Sept 29 at 430pm EDT).

Samsung Galaxy S8 cases (Speck and VRS Design x3)