Wanting to get more active this summer - check out Bvddy

Cover artIt's been a nice summer so far.  And it's only getting better!

Now, when the weather's nice, it's good to get out and get active.  But some people are not like me who like to do these painful activities and embarrass myself in solitude.  Some people are social creatures.  They like to seek out others with the same interest, as well as helping out in keeping each other motivated.

Welcome to Bvddy - the tinder for those that like to do athletic type activities and find others to do so with them.

So you start off by setting up an account and you can use your Facebook.

Then you set up your profile (maybe you don't want your FB profile pic as your athletic shot?).  I do like how they suggest you not have something shirtless (or have an unattended minor in the shot).

From there you pick your types of sports your interested in.  There's over 70!  You also set your 'ability' in each.  It'll help with matching.

After that you then get the opportunity to search through by what's around you for places or events

If you don't want to find a location, you can go through the 'bvddy' portion and find potential connections based on their own algorithm.

And you can scroll through who's posted what profile, what level of ability they have for the mutual sport (if they can run a 5k in 20min there's no way I should even bother trying to run with them).

So, in the name of science I gave it a try.  It's a fairly new social network and my town is rather small, so there were only a few on there for me to see if we matched up.  We didn't.

But maybe you'll have luck for your 'couch to 5k' or mud run training etc...

Get it on Google Play