[Review] Degauss Labs Vice bluetooth earbuds are the best I've ever tried

I've reviewed a few different sets of Bluetooth headphones in my day on this site.  I don't think I need to review anymore.  It's a bit hyperbolic, but I don't think I've had a set of earbuds sound this good.  Headphones, sure there's a couple that comes to mind, but those are big drivers, nice soft cushions to isolate outside noise.  Earbuds, are by their nature meant to be just enough to get you by because you want the ultra portability.

These new Degauss Labs Vice Bluetooth earphones are my new go to set of headphones, even over my larger bulkier headphones.  They sound THAT GOOD.

Sure, they're more expensive than the $30-$40 pairs that I've reviewed (you're looking about $125CDN), but I'll think it's worth it.  The only downside to these, and why I'll keep at least one other pair of earphones, is that they're not really made for jogging (they are rated IPX4, however).  But everywhere else they excel.

On to the review.

Okay, first up, I loved the packaging.  You gotta love a company that spends some time on making the package that you get your item in look good.

It starts with the shipping parcel.  Gets you excited.

Opening it up, it's quite the large box, for such small headphones.

But you get a lot in there besides the little buds, there are the multiple, multiple replacement ear pieces (I don't I've ever used them before).

There are ear hooks there as well so I may have to give those a try to see if I can use them for jogging.

There's a very retro-y looking cloth pouch to carry them around in.

There are even replacement wire meshes to protect the speaker.

On to the headphones themselves.  All this build up, they have to work right?

Well, they sure do.  You take them out of the box, pair up to your phone and plunk them in your ears.

Before I get to the sound, let me say that they have a little tag on the cord so that you can snug up the slack wires as you see fit.  I'm never sure which is better, to have it under my chin or behind the neck.

You can see in the photo to the right there at the back.

Now plunking the buds in, they're a little hefty, so although there are 'wings'/'hooks' for you to clip on, I'm a little reticent to try jogging as the weight might cause them to bounce.  I'll have to give it a try soon and report back.  But they feel good.  Nice 'cuppage' around the ears to keep the sound in, right angles.

The only other part I'd complain about here is that the lead from the one bud to the control part is a little short.

When going to press a button you have to move your hand a fair bit back to reach.  Not a deal breaker, but would have preferred a little more slack there.

Okay, now let's turn this on.  Let's hear the sound.


Okay, it's not the BEST I've ever heard in a speaker, but for a tiny little thing in my ear, it's the best.  I was supremely impressed.  It was as good, if not better than my best pair of over the ear headphones.


I walked around the house and loved it.  I went for a walk outside and it was great.  I did lawn mowing, and even better.  What was really telling for the quality was when I decided to turn the volume up.  Really push the dB.

As I got it to go louder and louder, I ended up finding it too loud, before the sound quality diminished (you know, some that when you go to 80%+ that the bass distorts, the rumble is too much for the tiny speaker and the highs really squelch).  I've never had that before.

So impressed.

Even better, the 3 button controls is what I like to use.  Long press the Vol+ to skip forward a song.  Sometimes it's reversed and it's awkward to think that turning down the volume should mean skipping ahead (to me it makes sense to 'go up' means to 'go next').

They use some battery from a company called VARTA, which apparently do really small batteries with large oomph.  So there's 120mAh of battery there (60mAh in each bud), which apparently should last you 8hrs of usage (not that I ever go that long between charges ever).

If you're looking for a great set of earphones with AMAZING sound, look no further than this.  I'm using them in the office now.   I carry them everywhere with me now so that I can listen to music at any chance I get.

Source: http://degausslabs.com/earphones/vice