Moto 360 Camera mod

Ah the mod life, I love it.  After recently reviewing the Moto Z2 Play I loved getting back into mods and showing off to friends the features and neat things it can do.  After the review, I did like going back to my LG.  It is faster, simpler, but it's like comfort food.

And then the mod life calls again as Moto announced the Moto Z2 Force in the US, and with it the Moto 360 Camera.

If you recall, I just LOVED the 360 Cam from LG, and I've been looking for something to take that place ever since.

Looks like it's back to the mod life for me.

Now, they haven't announced a Canadian launch yet (just "later this summer"), nor the pricing (it's $299USD), but I'm still excited!