Load up on power and keep on going and going and…

That’s exactly where TopMate 20000mah Huge Capacity Power Bank, Three Output Ports(Two 2.1A One 1A), Dual LED Lights is going. It’s a mean, badass machine that wants to make sure you’re always juiced.

So now that you know what kind of monsters I like, let’s see how well it does in real life. Sure, it’s got 3-ports, however, can it handle some abuse. Smartphone, Tablet, whatever else I have on hand that needs to get charged?
A lot of us travel for work, a couple of hours of commute or at school, you may not always have a dedicated power outlet and you’ll need something to juice you up for the long run. Besides, if you’ve done what I’ve done, you may have decided to stroll into a park and sat at the base of a tree while writing these lines.
Smartphone is at 62%, the Yogabook sits at 33% and my Bluetooth speaker is somewhat charged. Let’s connected all of them up to this bad-boy and see how well we do. It’s a work day, it’s in the middle of my day, I took some time to relax and enjoy this beautiful weather and since I’m Ottawa, we’ve got this huge park at Major Hill, perfect.

I’m getting my Nexus 6P and the Yogabook are charging quite well, the Bluetooth speaker doesn’t need to charge faster than the 1A the last port provides so I’m good for a while before I run out of just. Getting this little top up before I head home in a few hours is not a bad idea as I’ll be heading to grab a decent beer soon.
All in all, it charges well, it does what it needs, it provides a boat load of power and coming in at $26.99 CAD on Amazon Canada it’s cheaper than some of the other portable battery charger I’ve reviewed.