You can now manage your Velop via browser interface

So, I'm using my Linksys Velop for my house's wifi, and it's great.  It really has some distance on it.

The device only manageable via the Linksys app, which is fine, but as of today there's now a browser interface for you to adjust the settings. Yay!


Web-Based Interface Enables Velop Users To Manage Their Network On a Computer and Access Advanced Features 

Playa Vista, CA – June 23, 2017 – Linksys®, a leader in networking solutions for the home and business and the first to ship 100 million routers, today announced it has added a browser-based user interface for Velop® users.  Similar to the browser-based user interface available with Linksys WRT™ and Max-Stream™ routers, the user interface is now available for Velop users to access advanced features as well as manage their home network from a Mac or Windows computer in addition to an iOS or Android device. Velop was built for performance, design and ease of use in setting up and managing the home network with the Linksys App; but now with the browser-based setup, there are even more ways to control the home network for a better Wi-Fi experience. The new user interface is available globally to all Velop users now with the latest firmware update. 

“As the most-awarded mesh solution on the market by media and reviewers for its strong performance, simple setup and elegant design, there was one feature that certain reviewers wished Velop had was a browser-based interface,” said Dan Albertson, senior product manager for software at Linksys. “Customers wanted a browser-based interface to access advanced features not found on the app or make changes to their network from their computers rather than their phones or tablets.  So Linksys got to work and we are excited to deliver this feature to customers today.”
The new browser-based user interface now includes the following features:
  • Access to advanced settings:
    • DHCP server access for automatically assigning IP addresses to devices that come onto the network. This provides easy connectivity for mobile devices that often leave the network and return later.
    • DNS configuration for linking host names, such as a web address to a specific IP address.
    • Troubleshooting: device table, router report, ping/trace route, logs.  These features provide additional insights into network performance. 
    • Security: firewall, VPN passthrough, DMZ settings.  Users can access these settings to manage their network security.
  • Browser access for users with a Mac or Windows PC.

“With this firmware update and a new update to the Linksys app for iOS and Android, Linksys is also providing greater insight into Velop networks by showing both the node each wireless device is connected to as well as its current signal strength in the app’s Device List. This helps customers better understand the performance from a given device,” Albertson added.

Users can continue to enjoy the features found exclusively on the Linksys App, including:
·        Velop Setup
·        SpeedTest
·        Channel Finder
·        Notifications

Velop networks with Automatic Firmware Update enabled will automatically receive the new firmware overnight. If Automatic Firmware Updates is disabed, the new firmware can be downloaded and installed manually.  Please check the Linksys support page for more details. Users can visit the Linksys support site to learn more about Automatic Firmware updates.