VRS Designs cases for the S8+

Earlier, I had shown off some of the VRS Designs cases, and seeing as I haven't got my review unit yet, I borrowed a friend's to be able to try out the S8+ versions for you.

+Cass Morrison showed off the Damda Glide for her S8, but here's the Crstal Bumper and Simpli Mod on the device. I only had a Terra Guard in in a non-plus variant.

Here's the Crystal over the S8+

I was surprised how well it fit over and didn't really affect the edges.  The rubber/plastic is not 'sticky' enough to make it somewhat uncomfortable.

My friend really liked, and so did I, the Simpli.

What was really nice is that the little notches on the corners really makes slipping the case on and off easily, but still snug on the device.  The edge seems to not cover more of the edge than the crystal (thus seeming more invisible from the front).  Plus, the leather looks badass.

Some great cases actually.  $30USD for either a good option for those that want cases.

Stay tuned and we'll be doing a giveaway on these very soon.