VRS Design Lab Damda Glide

I was cruising on line for a case with a pocket that could hold a DL and CC when +Ryan Moore got in touch and asked if I would like to review a case.VRS Design has a couple of options and I chose the glide style where the door slides.

I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm using the Samsung Clear Cover because it's thin and I have fairly small hands. The Damda Glide is not quite as thin but feels very good in the hand and doesn't take up that much more room in my tiny purse full of key. The buttons on the side have the rubber cover but the bottom is open for connecting...stuff. I don't really connect stuff so I put it on the wireless charger with a couple typical items in the slide compartment. I expected it to charge and it did. Yay.
One of my concerns was using the (dreaded) finger print scanner. I was expecting it to make it harder to contact correctly but worked just fine. The lip at the top and bottom of the phone sticks out enough to protect the screen should the phone fall glass down. The sides are a firm rubber that feel like it would absorb a drop quite nicely. Just one strange thing, the curve of the S8 and the location of the case makes me miss hit the letter p. It might just be an adjustment thing.

So after a few days I've decided I quite like this case, just not for every day use since I have to carry around a big key. If I were taking transit this would definely be more convenient than juggling bags. The only concern I had was pocket fluff working its way into the edges at the top and bottom.